We’ll help your business reach its potential through ergonomics

At FlexSpace, we’re passionate about ergonomics and helping you
create the most comfortable, safe, efficient and
productive workspace possible.
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A wide range of high-quality, ergonomic sit-stand workstations and desk solutions, from auto to manual, to cater for all budgets.

Customize your table top or conference table, bringing energy and uniqueness.

Take care your kids reading and writing environment.

Have a unique customized table top.

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Ergo Seats

How many hours are you sitting per day?

Choose the right seat is most important to you.

Are you still standing on hard floor?

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Bigger is always better than small.

Choose a 32" curve monitor to increase your work efficiency by 320% !!
Don't believe, we offer 5 days free trial.

Ultra short throw project 100" display with 5cm distance.

Front light LED letters

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Smart Home & Office

Need privacy in office and at home?

Still carry a bunch of door keys?
Face Recognition, Fingerprint Door Access.

Free from all kind of virus without touch to open doors.

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Flexible Power Sockets

Rotate Sockets, Plug and Play Sockets, Desktop Sockets, Microwave sensor help to cut down your electricity bill.

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Wi-Fi & 4G Signal Solution

Not enough signal to cover your office, home or restaurant?

Elevator Point to Point Wi-Fi signal solve the problem of wiring

Need to strengthen 4G signal in car park or underground area?

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Our products and solutions are used by some of the world's most successful companies

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